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Tax audits can be one of the most critical times where you want the expertise of a tax attorney.

an overview of the gift tax

An Overview of the Gift Tax

There’s a cynical saying that goes something like this: “No good deed goes unpunished.” If you’re not familiar with it, it means that people who act kindly will often get punished for their acts of kindness. Whether this is true may be up for debate. What’s not up to debate is that subject to certain conditions, the IRS will gladly tax anyone for the gifts they give.

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child tax credit

The Child and Dependent Care Credit: What You Need to Know if You’re a Parent

If you’re a parent who regularly files income tax returns to the IRS, you’re probably already aware (and taking advantage of) the Child Tax Credit. But did you know there’s another tax credit you might be able to take advantage of if you’re a parent?

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overview of irs penalties

An Overview of IRS Tax Penalties

Getting in trouble with the IRS is not a fun experience. If you’re lucky, the only thing you’ll lose is your time (and maybe a little sanity). If you’re unlucky, you might have to pay some hefty monetary penalties to the IRS for unpaid taxes. In this blog post, we’ll examine why you might have to pay a penalty to the IRS. We’ll also look at ways to avoid having to pay tax penalties.

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kienitz tax audit why hire a tax attorney

Tax Audits: Why Hire a Tax Attorney?

If there’s one thing taxpayers in California hate more than paying taxes, it’s probably responding to a tax audit. And it’s not just the prospect of having to pay additional taxes or penalties that’s the scary part. Instead, it’s providing documents and other information requested by the IRS or the California Franchise Tax Board (FTB). Not only is it a major hassle and inconvenience, but it can be confusing as well. So it’s understandable that anyone subject to a tax audit might wonder if getting outside help is a good idea.

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when and why you need to hire a tax attorney

When and Why You Need to Hire a Tax Attorney

The tax laws and regulations in the U.S. can be confusing and frustrating at times. On occasion, this will result in taxpayers getting into trouble with the IRS. But not all disputes or tax questions require the help of a tax attorney. This blog post will examine situations when hiring a tax lawyer might be useful and the reasons for using a tax lawyer’s services.

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