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kienitz how to remove tax liens and levies

How to Remove Tax Liens and Levies?

Tax debts are some of the hardest debts to deal with. There are several reasons for this, such as special treatment during bankruptcy proceedings and the fact that it’s the government trying to collect the debt.

However, another major challenge is that government taxing authorities, such as the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the State of California Franchise Tax Board (FTB), can use liens and levies to help collect tax debts.

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kienitz what happens when you fail to file your business tax return

What Happens When You Fail to File Your Business Tax Returns?

Running a business isn’t easy. One of the biggest challenges businesses face is managing their expenses, including tax liabilities. Part of the process of handling a business’s tax obligations is the preparation and filing of a business tax return. But what happens if a business doesn’t file a tax return on time or makes a mistake on the return? And should it even matter if the business doesn’t owe any taxes?

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kienitz tax breaks

TIPS: Tax Breaks for the Average Person

The Tax Cut and Jobs Act made significant changes to the tax code and eliminated or diminished many tax breaks for the average person. It did this in several ways, including reducing deductions for property, state and local taxes as well as eliminating personal exemptions. Despite these changes, there are still many tax breaks that most people can still take advantage of. Below is a list of just a handful of them.

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Watch Your Wallets!

Government spending constantly goes up, no matter what politicians promise.

With so many government programs, pork barrel spending and earmarks, it’s no wonder this country’s debt continues to rise.  And exactly how does the government pay for all this? With taxes, whether creating new ones or increasing the rate of existing ones. The following blog discusses some of the strategies available that can help keep the government out of your wallet! Continue reading “Watch Your Wallets!”

tax refund

ALERT: Tax Breaks for the Average Person

Nobody likes paying taxes, but everyone likes being able to reduce the taxes they have to pay. There are several ways you can get a few tax breaks, whether it’s a tax deduction, tax credit or tax exemption. Even if you already utilize a few, you may still be asking yourself if you’re taking full advantage of what’s available. When you prepare your tax return, are there any tax breaks or secrets that you might be missing? The following article will discuss a few tax breaks available to almost anyone that you could be missing out on. Continue reading “ALERT: Tax Breaks for the Average Person”